Abstract Art! Luxurious Silk! What a delightfully creative vision abstract paintings and hand dying silk occupy in my artistic world! I create canvases of powerful horses, streamlined fish, frolicking dogs and lithe dancers for your visual experience. By combining movement and abstract realism in bold brushwork, I strive to create a palpable energy in my paintings that I love to share with my collectors.

With my silks, I create a visual world of intertwined shapes and colors-some are random, some are structured and some come from a whole series of techniques which give the end result of a beautiful work of art!

Abstract paintings and painting on silk may seem a leap from the discipline required of fine art portraiture but a glance will tell you that the very same discipline,  in a different format, is there!  So enjoy “abstract realism” and let the moment carry you into the world I have created. Look for the secrets within many of the mixed media paintings. All painting artworks on these pages are created on gallery wrapped canvases or panels and can be as simple as bold, powerful brushstrokes or as complex as many layers of textured paint in a painting.

All silk paintings are described on my silk page!

Your questions are welcomed. Add one of these unusual pieces to your collection today!

M Theresa Brown