Horses! The delightful muse in my art world from my earliest beginnings. In my  world of art they have served me well. In my life, they have been my companions, partners and friends!

In my  Portrait Art, you and/or your horses are one of my Specialties! And your portrait will reflect our collaboration on what you are seeking in your painting.
What  makes the relationship between you and your horse unforgettable?  Is it the present memories? Or memories from the past? Are you a participant yourself or did you simply enjoy watching your children participate?Pastel Horse Portrait Off to college
For some,Pastel Portrait Painting Horse Lynn Palm the horse years are fleeting. We see the young riders grow up and head off to college or a career. Even as they move into their futures, they will always view these years as the most exciting and fulfilling of their lives! For others, the horse years never stop and continue into a rewarding career or lifelong hobby. Others come back to the world of horses after an absence.
But no matter which direction you take, horses will have made you the person you are today!
Wherever the future takes you, there will always be that memory of a special horse!  Maybe it was a great day, that incredible ride, that miracle foal, the joy and happiness on a child’s face, a fun filled pony day or that quiet ride through the woods and fields. As the years pass, those memories become more and more important to you! You want to not only SEE the detail of the moment but you want to FEEL it!  My portraits are created in pencil, pastels, watercolor and oils. To see them and pricing go to:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/mtheresabrown

For my Abstract Expressionist paintings, I create canvases of powerful horses,  frolicking dogs and lithe dancers for your visual experience. By combining movement and abstract realism in bold brushwork, I strive to create a palpable energy in my paintings that I love to share with my collectors.   All of these painting artworks are created on gallery wrapped canvases or panels and can be as simple as bold, powerful brushstrokes or as complex as many layers of textured paint in a painting.

Riding on Sunbeams 18 x 24

Riding on Sunbeams 18 x 24

Your questions are welcomed. Add one of these unusual pieces to your collection today! How can you do that?

For ease of use, visit my shop!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/mtheresabrown

M Theresa Brown