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Facebook, here we come!

It’s taken me awhile to make a separate page for the Dream Horse Art on Facebook. After all I have The Silk Thread ArtArt Career Experts, Art Student Academy…..um let’s see, Filarsky Brown Art Studio.  So I am busy administrating let alone creating!

BUT I have now done so and it is there you can see my latest posts. There can be a lot because although the site celebrates the HORSE, I have fudged a bit and added portraits that may not actually (gasp) include a horse. But after 25 years of full time portraiture, I can’t leave anyone out!

A few dog portraits

So although I may have traditional people, horse and dog portraits, I also have my abstract horse on both canvas AND silk (well fiber art)!

I am excited to finally feel more organized.

I know we are on the cusp of a New Year and 2017 promises to be as busy and as creative as ever!

Enjoy a few images and right now, for shopping, I am sending you to my Etsy shop!

Happy 2017 everyone!


Three Muses

Horses on Silk



Demonstrating Silk Painting at a show

I just completed 3 weeks of shows as a vendor with my artwork-the portraits, the abstract horses and my silk scarves. I had a small set up with one of my stretcher frames for the silk scarves and worked for hours each day making scarves. It was an awesome experience to have people buying the silk scarves even before I had completed them!

Demonstrating silk painting at the National Arabian Sport Horse show

Demonstrating silk painting at the National Arabian Sport Horse show

Abstract horses in blues and browns

Collage of abstract horses

A walk with the old dog

Her old dog



Custom order

German Shepherd Custom Order

Collage of fall leaves

Fall Leaves


Purple Horses


The Lo-o-ong giraffe!


Koi and abstract Horses


Here’s looking at you!

So what went out the door? Well a slew of custom orders will be going out the door but below are different examples of what people liked at the show…horses of course, followed by dogs, followed by flowers and then…so many different choices including the abstract designs with no particular design on them!

The dog above was for a vendor whose best friend loves to walk her dog…but he’s getting older and less able so it is a special gift for her.






As you can imagine, custom orders of both dogs and horses were popular.






And let’s not forget Fall leaves, Koi and the much mentioned whimsical giraffe!





My next post will be my experiences in “eco-dyeing.” I must confess that gathering the plants and materials is my favorite part…but you never know what you will get when you use nature’s bounty![shop_listings]